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Linguoo Is More Than A Platform, It’s A Global Community of Professional Voice Actors That Wants to Create a Google-Made-of-Audios.

We’re a business powered by a social mission: to help to make the web more accessible through human narration. Creators and coders. Artists and bloggers. We’re a diverse group AND everyone is brilliant, driven, and irrationally optimistic!

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Leonardo Sanchez

Broadcaster, sports journalist and voice actor specialized in music & breaking news.

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Margie Rubio

Voice Actor, broadcaster, english translator for the BBC and passionate about radio broadcasting.

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David Atencio

Professional voice actor at LocosdeRadioQ in radioq1053 & Channel 2 News Alta Gracia.

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Carlos Diez

Blues Syndicate, Change Managers , Same Wave are some of the projects Carlos Diez is working on.

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Maria Virginia Portillo Decan

María Virgina Portillo

Journalist. Communications consultant. Masters degree in Communications Business Management.

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Gissela Peralta

Comunicadora. Emprendiendo con | Periodista de datos en proceso

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Caroline Marion

Forensic Biologist at UNC

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Memé Musso

Operation Asistant

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Pantelis Ieronomakis

Full Stack Engineer at Winks

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Thanks to Linguoo I aced a job!!! Awesome articles and great advises”

Mathias Viera

Graphic Designer

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